Hungry Root Review

One key ingredient to the Healthcore Lifestyle Medicine Program is eating a whole foods plant-based diet that is fiber-filled, nutrient dense, health-promoting and disease-fighting. HungryRoot delivers by sending you healthy plant-based meals, under 500 calories packed with nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats which are free of gluten, dairy, preservatives and trans-fats to your door. The meals are super easy to make in under 10 minutes!

How does Hungry root work?

Choose on-line between The Starter Set or The Good Life

The Starter Set is four meals (2 servings each) and 2 sides, snacks or sweets. The weekly box is $69 typically, but $59 for your first. Including the sides, snacks, or sweets, each serving comes out to about $7.

The Good Life is five meals (2 servings each) and 5 sides, snacks, or sweets. The weekly box is $99 typically, but $79 for your first. Including the sides, snacks, or sweets, each serving comes out to a little over $6.50.

Shipping is free for both plans, and you can skip or cancel any time in your account online.

What we liked:
  • Convenience- mailed to your home
  • Time- less than 10 minutes to make
  • Taste- most were flavorful and delicious
  • Easy to make
  • Cost- meals break down to $7 each
What we didn’t like:
  • Variety- like anything, you may get bored or may not meet your dietary restrictions
  • Choice- only 2 subscriptions to pick from: The Starter Set & Good Life.
  • Quantity- plenty of food for me and my husband but not for my growing 16-year-old son
  • Sodium- be aware of the meals with higher sodium content
  • Cost- yes, I know it is mentioned in both categories. It may not fit into everyone’s budget but a lot less expensive than take-out.
  • Black-bean brownie batter – probably should not start with a Sweet but WOW! Delicious! You can it eat and raw or baked. Try baking the batter in a ramekin. Yum!
  • The Sweet Potato Pad Thai or Red Pepper Alfredo, easy to make and delicious
  • Kale Pesto Sautéed Greens- healthy and tasty
  • Kohlrabi Peanut Takeout Noodles- filling and flavorful
  • Kale Yuba Power Bowl- packed with healthy goodness
  • Breakfast and choose lunch entrees instead. Most breakfast selections you can easily make at home but if you prefer the convenience of bringing them to work, breakfast selections will work for you. I try to pick items that I know are difficult to make at home.
  • Some Pre-packaged salads and the Eggplant Zucchini Noodle Eggplant Bolognese have the overwhelming flavor of vinegar.


Overall, a viable option for anyone looking or starting to eat a healthy, whole-foods plant-based diet. The meals even satisfied my meat eaters in the family. Hungry-root helps address the biggest hurdles to eating healthy which are time, knowledge and convenience. I chose The Good Life the first week then switched to The Starter Set because it was too much food for me being a busy time of year between work and family functions. Hungryroot continues to be in the meal rotation but I may skip a week or two so it does not get old.

What makes HungryRoot Meal Kit stand out from other meal subscriptions? The meals are both healthy, whole foods plant-based AND fuss free-
quick, with little mess or prep.

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