Together with Tea Program

Healthcore is proud to announce a new program to help advance women's health and wellbeing with funds received from Northeastern University's Women Who Empower Innovation Award. The first “Together with Tea” program is a six-week group women’s health coaching program for cancer survivors. Each week we will discuss together the five core components:

Move- physical activity & exercise

Nourish- incorporating more of a whole foods plant-based diet with plenty of fiber and water

Sleep- how to get good quality sleep

Self- how to take care of yourself stress less and practice mindfulness

Live- includes both your physical environment being out in nature, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, proper ergonomics, and your emotional environment how to foster relationships, community, and connections

We will gather online together with a cup of tea each week to support and motivate one another, develop smart goals, and action plans to work towards our Wellness Vision for a healthy lifestyle. The program is all about feeling good and being positive!

We all know what we should do for a healthy lifestyle but HOW do we get started because change can be challenging. We know through research that healthy habits can improve adverse effects from cancer treatment, may prevent reoccurrence, and improve quality of life.

So why tea?

Years ago, in my practice after a class or treatment, clients would usually stay to grab a cup of tea and have conversations creating community and support. We enjoyed being there for one another. For thousands of years, tea has drawn people together. Tea can be so much more than just a drink and can be symbolic of welcoming, healing, uniting, and restoring one another.